For Beneficiaries

Who uses the Kireego App?
The Beneficiaries of Kireego’s Solutions have many different profiles: company employees, customers of stores, members of associations, museum visitors, event participants, hotel guests, etc... With the Kireego App, get anonymous access to the Exclusive Offers made specifically for you by Businesses and Service Providers, thanks to your “Community”—employer, association, or organizations you are connected with.
Activation is simple and anonymous and you can even use it to obtain Rewards from local Businesses.

Anonymous Use

Thanks to its anonymous activation system, you can use the Kireego App without registering or providing any personal data or email address.

The App is totally free.

Kireego and your “Community”

Once the App is installed on your Smartphone, you can easily access the Exclusive Offers proposed by local business thanks to your Community (employer, club, institution,…)

Filter, geo-locate, and select the Offers that interest you. Use them with the Voucher created in the App or by following the Business’s instructions on the Offer.

Kireego and your Favorite Businesses

Your local Businesses can reward you for your loyalty, without you needing to provide any personal or contact information, and no risk to your privacy.

Everything is in your Kireego App: Loyalty Cards, Rewards and all your Exclusive Offers. 

No push notifications are ever sent. It’s up to you to check your App when you so desire!