Case Studies

This is how some Communities and Businesses use Kireego.


Community Case Study #1

Community Type: Large multinational corporation

Need: Revamp the existing Exclusive Offers for its staff (Beneficiaries).

Objective: Increase number of Offers, favoring those from local Businesses; simplify access to them by its Beneficiaries, and obtain usage metrics.


  • Creation of a “Community” Account on Kireego based on a licence fee.
  • Invitations sent to existing Partner Businesses to create a free account and an Offer aimed at its Beneficiaries.
  • The Beneficiaries receive a customized mobile application (with the Community's visual identity), along with an activation code.
  • Selection and approval of the new Offers received (+70%) and activity metrics (25% of Beneficiaries against 4% pre-Kireego).
  • 80% reduction in time spent managing the system by the HR department.

Community Case Study #2

Community Type: Internationally reknown university

Need: Reinforce the ties among its Alumni (Beneficiaries and Businesses) throughout the world

Objective: Create a “Privilege” program consisting of Offers made by the Alumni, for the Alumni.

  • Creation of a “Community” Account for the university and including a weblink and Partner Code for each Alumni (Businesses) to present their Business or Service.
  • Approval by the Community of each Offer received (through 1-click management).
  • Deployment of the mobile application, customized with the Community's visual identity, to the Beneficiaries.
  • Implementation of a tool allowing the Community to interact with its Alumni (Beneficiaires) directly through the mobile app.

Community Case Study #3

Community Type: Professional Football Club

Need: Increase value for Sponsors (Businesses) and Members (Beneficiaries). 

Objective: Facilitate connections between Sponsors and the Club (Community), then between Sponsors and Members.

  • Creation of a “Community” Account with an annual license fee.
  • On the Platform, the Club (Community) connects with its existing Sponsors (Businesses) or finds new ones, allowing them to set up a free Offer for its members/fans (Beneficiaries).
  • Easy one-click approval of the Offers by the Community.
  • The Club's Beneficiaries use a branded mobile application with the Community's logo (or through their existing app) to access the Offers.
  • Number of Sponsors increases as well as Beneficiary satisfaction

Business Case Study #1

Business Type: Restaurant

Need: Attract new Customers from among the staff of local Companies (Communities).

Objective: Create tailor-made Offers for a couple of local Communities and then work towards making return business of the new Customers attracted.

  • Creation of a cost- and obligation-free “Business” Account.

  • The Restaurant sets up a Loyalty Card for its existing Customers and to capture new ones.

  • The Restaurant's Customers use Kireego's free mobile application anonymously (no personal details necessary).

  • The Restaurant pays 2 x €45 to connect with a local Company (Community) to attract its employees (Beneficiaries), and a University (Community) to attract its students (Beneficiaries).

  • The Restaurant adapts and modifies its Offers for each of these new targets, and its mobile Loyalty Card, at any time, free of charge.

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